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  • Dashboard + widgets
  • BTRFS support
  • LVM snapshot support
  • WebGUI description language
  • Generic database layer
  • Make use of the ExtJS class loader feature
  • Support DANE in postfix (should be possible with Debian Jessie)

1.0 (Kralizec)

  • Upgrade to Debian Wheezy

0.5 (Sardaukar)

  • Relocate the RPC processing from the PHP WebGUI backend code into a seperate daemon. Communication between PHP WebGUI backend and daemon is done via socket. Daemon is running as root to allow access to all system relevant services. Using a daemon allows forking which will simplify background actions which is currently not easy to implement because the PHP-CGI does not allow forking.
  • Refactoring of the API
  • Do not activate configuration changes immediatelly, instead only activate them after pressing a button in the WebGUI.
  • OwnCloud plugin
  • ExtJS4

0.3 (Omnius)

  • Multilanguage support in WebGUI.
  • Refactor RPC interface.
  • Add ACL browser to modify the file permissions of a shared folder, this will replace current workflow which sets the ACL based on the shared folder privileges. The privileges will be used now only to configure service access permissions.
  • Refactor user/group management.
  • Improve certificate management.
  • Improve RSync services.