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You can add more Features & Apps by simply selecting the software you need, we call this plugins.

Plugins are possible due to the Modular Design of OpenMediaVault and are the prefered way to extend your NAS. Its still possible install regular sofware or containerized software like Docker. Plugins only exist for your convenience.


Compared to adding regular software, plugins offer the following benefits:

  • Easier to install - You just click on what you want.
  • Easier to configure - its often preconfigured so you don't have to.
  • Automatic updates - ensure Stability & Security.
  • A Webinterface - is added when needed for your ease of use.


ProFTP - Passive Ports setup

Extra Plugins

Beside the official plugins there are even more plugins developed by third-parties, although not officially supported these are very populair and work very well.

The OMV-Extras Site provides plugins developed by the OpenMediaVault Plugin developers.

GreyHole - Make a Drive Pool

OpenVPN - Setting Up an Virtual Private Network

OpenVPN Android Client

OpenVPN Windows Client