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Due to the Modular Design of OpenMediaVault it is possible to enhance it via Plug-ins.

Plugins distributed with OpenMediaVault

Some Plug-ins are distributed together with OpenMediaVault. Like OpenMediaVault they are developed by Volker Theile.

  • openmediavault-clamav
  • openmediavault-forkeddaapd
  • openmediavault-iscsitarget
  • openmediavault-ldap
  • openmediavault-lvm2
  • openmediavault-netatalk
  • openmediavault-nut
  • openmediavault-route
  • openmediavault-usbbackup
  • openmediavault-owncloud

3rd Party Plug-ins Plugin Repository

  • Since OpenMediaVault 0.5 Sardaukar, all 3rd Party Plug-ins are available via the Repository. The Repository is maintained by Aaron Murray (ryecoaaron).
  • You'll allways find the latest HowTo for the Repository under [1]
  • The Repository is divided into three Subrepositories: Stable, Testing and Unstable. The Unstable Repository is only available for Moderators and Plugin Developers.
  • You'll find a list of available Plug-ins under [2] and [3].
  • Support for those Plugins is available under [4] and the Plug-in section of the Forum.
  • Source Code for those Plug-ins is available under [5]
  • Report Bugs for those Plug-ins either on github, or the Plug-in section of the Forum.

Plugin Development

  • See [6]
  • There also is a Development Subsection in our Forum. Please ask one of our Moderators on the Forum if you'd like to participate.


  • Starting with OpenMediaVault 0.5 all Plugin Developers unified themselves as OpenMediaVault Plugin Developers in order to avoid copyright misconceptions.