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These guides explain everything from the basics to the most advanced features of OpenMediaVault.


Beginner Guides - Quick and Easy to begin with.

Approved Guides - Reviewed for a consistent style and that nothing breaks your system.

Community Guides are great and writter by other members.

Plugins Guides - Install Apps & Features simply by selecting the software you need.

Hardware Guides - Hardware specific Troubleshooting, Setups and Choices.

Find your guide

You can find any guides by clicking the topic you are searching for. In the resulting screen you can narrow your search by applying more labels or a string (visible on the right side).

  • Topic = The topic you are searching for
  • Status = 'Reviewed' only shows reviewed Guides (for structure and solution that might break your system).
  • Component = 'Core' for core functionality; 'Plugin' for official plugins; 'Extra Plugins' for Thirdparty plugins;
  • Complexity = 'Beginner' (guides not marked for beginners might require slightly more experience)

Available topics

  • All Guides
    • Installation
    • Security
    • File shares
    • File system
    • Downloading
    • Media
    • Backup
    • AMD64-Device
    • ARM-Device