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To get started, download the version of OpenMediaVault you need.

On this page you can choose an ISO file

  • Choose the highest version number available, this gives you the latest version.
  • Files containing the text 'Beta' are test versions, don't use these version unless you want to test new features and don't mind a few bugs or errors.
  • PC owners should choose an ISO image with 'AMD64' in it name.
  • Other device Owners should choose the folder with their device name, like Raspberry Pi, Odroid, etc.
  • Your device is not listed? Then you can install OMV as a service on a supported operating system.

Version History

Version Name State
0.2 Ix EOL
0.3 Omnius EOL
0.4 Fedaykin EOL
0.5 Sardaukar EOL
1.0 Kralizec EOL [1]
2.0 Stone burner Current
3.0 Erasmus Next